About Our Organization

Our Story & Our Mission
Our Purpose

What is The Grace Project?

The Grace Project aims to bring hope through acts of kindness to children and adults impacted by sickness, poverty, or addiction. We currently have three programs. We found our roots in our Kensington Outreach program. We go out to the Kensington section of Philadelphia every Thursday and bring supplies to the homeless. We also help place individuals in treatment and conclude each of our trips by sweeping up a section of the neighborhood. Our Give a “Little” Hope Program is designed solely for children in need of a little hope and allows us to give them an entire day tailored specifically to them. Finally, we have our Hope for the Holidays program which brings a memorable holiday to families in need.


  • $100 can feed 200 people
  • $300 can sponsor a family of 4 on the holidays
  • $2000 can sponsor an entire Give A “Little” Hope day.

We are a 501(c)(3) Organization. 

The Bigger Vision

As we continue to grow, through donations and hands-on volunteer work, we hope to be able to help more people in need. Our goal is to offer grace and hope to any deserving individual who may need it.

We would love to continue expanding on the current programs we have along with add some additional programs. We can only do this with your help!

Everyone deserves a little bit of hope in their lives when things seem like they are falling apart. We want to be able to bring that to them.

Want to get involved?

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