About Our Organization

Our Story & Our Mission
Our Purpose

What is The Grace Project?

The GRACE Project aims to show grace and offer hope to those in need.

We are a 501(c)(3) Organization. 

We currently go out to Philadelphia every Thursday with food and clothing donations and every other week we bring hygiene and first aid supplies as well. After we distribute everything, we pick a section to sweep up trash.

We aim to branch out beyond our region, bringing hope to those who need us everywhere.

The Bigger Vision

As we continue to grow, through donations and hands-on volunteer work, we hope to be able to help more people in need. This goes beyond those that are homeless.

Our goal is to offer grace and hope to anyone who may need it, from someone who is just turning their life around and could use some help getting on their feet to someone struggling with mental health issues to the parents of a sick child who are facing financial struggles.

We would also love to plan events for children in low-income areas and assist with things such as school clothes and supplies.


Although this project was started by a person in sobriety, our focus is not just on those struggling with addiction.


Everyone deserves a little bit of hope in their lives when things seem like they are falling apart. We want to be able to bring that to them.

Want to get involved?

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