Megan Cohen


Megan Cohen is the Founder of The Grace Project.

Megan struggled with addiction and homelessness for many years. When she was finally able to find her way into sobriety and a better way of life, she wanted to be able to help others do the same.

Acts of kindness from strangers ended up being the turning point in her life and she wanted to recreate this for others. She realized the biggest factor in keeping her on the streets for so long was a feeling of hopelessness.

Although addiction is what led her to feel this way, she was aware many other factors could lead to similar feelings in other people. This is where the vision for The Grace Project came from.

Today, Megan runs The Grace Project, works full-time in drug and alcohol addiction treatment, and is in school for business at Purdue University Global. She finds her happiness in the work she does for others along with the life she has built for herself through sobriety.

She lives right outside of Philadelphia and is a proud dog mom of two Philly rescues, Kenzo and Mya!